Configuration and log directory

Main directories

Configuration file

The backup agent configuration is stored in a different directory depending on the used operating system.

The configuration file is named backupagent.conf

Activity logs

If the activity logs is enabled, the backup agent stores them in a different directory depending on the operating system.

All directories

Directory Use May be emptied Location on Windows Location on Linux Location on DSM 6 Location on DSM 7 Location on MacOS
Log Activity log (if enabled) Yes C:\ProgramData\ArxOne\Backup\Log /var/log/ /volume1/@tmp/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/var/log /var/log/
Temporaries Temporary files (with short lifetime) Yes C:\Windows\Temp\ArxOne\Temp /tmp/ /volume1/@tmp/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/tmp /tmp/
Temporaries Small temporary files (with short lifetime) Yes C:\Windows\Temp\ArxOne\FastTemp /dev/shm/ /volume1/@tmp/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/tmp /tmp/
Temporaries Temporary files with long lifetime (remote catalog) Yes C:\Windows\Temp\ArxOne\Cache /var/cache/ /volume1/@tmp/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/var/cache /tmp/
Spool Temporary storage for items to be sent to server (such as backup reports) Yes, but may result in information loss C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\ArxOne /var/spool/ /volume1/@tmp/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/var/spool /var/spool/
Configuration Backup agent configuration No! C:\ProgramData\ArxOne\Backup /usr/local/etc/ /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/etc /var/packages/ArxOneBackup/etc /Library/Preferences/
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