Macos Environment


To install the Arx One Backup Agent on a macOS system, download the isntaller package on the website download page: or with the direct link :

Once the package is downloaded, install it on the target machine.

Then a window will open asking you to give « Full disk access » click on the button « Go to the option »


Once in the settings, check the application « Arx One Backup ».

Then finish the installation.

Commnad line setup

To install the Arx One Backup backup agent on a macOS system using the command line, you should follow these steps:

sudo bash -c 'curl -sL | SILENT=true CHANNEL=stable ACCOUNT=arx-test PASSWORD=pass bash'

Make sure to configure the necessary environment variables:

Specifying the ACCOUNT and PASSWORD variables will allow you to directly assign the agent to the entered account.

Linking an Account to a macOS Agent

To set up a backup account with a macOS agent, make sure the agent is correctly installed on the target machine and follow one of the following procedures:

Using Web Configuration

To configure the agent, open a browser at the url : http://computer-ip:10060

Enter the credentials of the account you want to configure.

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