Synology Disk Station Environment


Here are the steps to follow to install Arx One Backup on your Synology NAS :

  1. Go to your Disk Station Manager interface
  2. Open the package center
  3. In the package center, go to settings :
    1. In the "General" tab, "Trust level" section select Synology Inc. and trusted editors
    2. In the "Packet sources" tab, click on "Add" and then add the following address :
    3. In the "Packet sources" tab, click on "Add" and then add the following address :
    4. Apply the settings
  4. Go to the "Community", install the "Mono" package, which is required for Arx One Backup
  5. In the "Community" packet group and install Arx One Backup

On the Synology platform, the backup agent does not allow the account configuration during setup. To link a backup account to a Synology agent, please go to the below paragraph "How to link an account to a Linux or a Synology agent".


Updating the backup agent is done from the "update" section of the package center

How to link an account to a Synology agent

To setup a backup account with a Synology agent, here is what you need to do :

As shown below :

Backup account configuration

Be careful, this procedure can only be done once. Once the account has been linked to the target machine, you can only change the account by deleting or editing the configuration files.

You can use the console connection procedure for the next connections.

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