Backup account management

Backup account creation

Account list

From the administration tab, click on the sur le bouton "Create account" to create a descending account.

Account creation

A dialog box will then allow to type in :

The password strength indicator is only here for information and will not block you account creation.

Warning Important : the password is the only way to access account data. Losing this password would lead to lose access to saved data, and impossibility to restore data from the account. Please make sure the password is well memorized.

N.B. : You cannot create a root account. You can create accounts descending from the one being currently used.

Applying a strategy

You can apply a strategy to your descending accounts (one strategy per account).

Applying a strategy

To do so:

To learn more about strategies click on this link.

Disabling a backup account

You can disable a backup account at any time. It will block its backup without deleting its data. Once disabled, you will be able to delete it, or to enable it again.

Select the accounts to disable within the account list, untick the "Enabled" check box and then click on the "Save modifications" button.

In the account list, the disabled accounts will now appear as such.

Account deactivation

To reactivate an account, perform the inverse operation.

Deleting a backup account

Before deleting an account, it is necessary to disable it.

After being disabled, you will have to click on the "Delete" button.

Account deletion

If you accidentally deleted an account, you have a few seconds to cancel the operation before the account disappears from the administration interface:

Canceling deletion

Important ! An account deleted from the administration interface is put in a queue for permanent deletion.

This means that you will not be able to recreate an account with the same name immediately, and that in the event of an error, our assistance will reinstate the deleted account.

The final deletion of an account will be carried out within one day to one week.

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