About strategies

Strategies allow you to drive backups of your entire set of machines in an efficient and completely centralized way.

Applying a strategy

Once an account created, you can, if you wish to do so, associate it with any strategy.

Applying a strategy

A parent or a root account can inject strategies to any of its descending accounts.

If a child account is associated to a strategy, it will be injected automatically during the following steps:

Creating a strategy

To create a strategy, go to the administration tab of our backup interface, and then click on the "Create new strategy" button.

Creating a strategy

To edit an existing one, you will have to use the "Edit strategy" button.

Modify a strategy

In both cases, a dedicated dialog box will appear, allowing you to type both the name and the content of the strategy.

Every strategy looks like a configuration file allowing to force settings on every target account associated to it. Those configurations are based on a key-value model.

For any further detail on those keys and all possible operations, go to the strategies dedicated section of this help portal.

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