E-mail reports and activity log

This part of the configuration is used to set the kind of reports you want to be sent by Arx One Backup.

Param├ętrage des rapports

You can enter multiple destination e-mail addresses (one per line). Once the addresses entered, you can press the "Test" button to send a validation e-mail.

If you don't receive the test e-mail, there may be a concern in your network configuration (make sure the agent prerequisites are met) or filtering done by your security services (anti-spam, antivirus, etc ...).

Backup reports

If you wish to receive a report by mail at the end of your backups, you can check the "Send activity reports by e-mail."

You can then choose to receive those reports :

By selecting the " Attach Backup Details " checkbox, an Excel file summarizing the backup activity will be attached to the backup report. Be careful, however, because Excel files are limited to 500,000 lines.

Administrative report

Ticking the "Send administration report" box will allow you to receive a full activity report of your descending accounts daily, at 8 am from monday to friday.

For the administration reports proper functioning, it is necessary that:

Activity log

By default, the "log" section is reduced. To enable the activity logging, check the corresponding check box after the section has been unfolded.

Param├ętrage du journal

To find the generated logs, go to the backup agent's configuration directory page.

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