Planning interface

This part of the interface graphically represents the time slots allocated to data backup.

Backup schedules

Each column represents a day of the week, with midnight all the way up and 11pm all the way down.

Edit planning

To delete a backup schedule, click the cross at the top right of it.

To create one, click the + button at the top right of the planning. You can also double click anywhere within the planning.

To change its duration, click on the top or bottom of the backup range and move your mouse while clicking. You can move the mouse vertically to change the start or end time on the same day, or move it horizontally to change the day.

Schedule settings

When inspecting a schedule, you can access its settings.

Schedule properties

The inspector allows you to set:

Bandwidth limitation

To limit the bandwidth, select the "Limit bandwidth" check box and then enter the allocated bit rate in kilobytes per second in the field provided.

Backup types

There are two available operation types :

Online backup

Performs a backup on a group of Arx One servers. Those servers can be located on-site (backup appliance) or hosted in a datacenter.

The backup allows you to keep a history of the data during the entire retention period. The storage servers are independent from client operations and do not use any network sharing protocol. It provides an optimum level of security.

The backup operations are represented within the schedule by a cloud.

Local replication

Replication is a "mirror" copy of your data on local media. This local media can be a local drive, an external drive, or a NAS share.

Data replication does keep modification history and uses standard data access protocols (direct access and SMB). Its level of security is lower the backup's one, but allows very fast activity restart after a hardware failure, thanks to the immediate availability of the data.

This operation is represented within the schedule by a folder.

Operation choice

While scheduling your backups, you can choose different types of backup:

The default backup type is "Online".

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