Perform a first backup to disk and integrate the data

As part of an external backup, and depending on the upload speed to the Internet, the first (full) backup can be very long. To secure data more efficiently, it is worthwhile to go through a backup to disk and manual data integration on the storage servers.


The client's backup account must be created and installed on the target machine.

The first backup to disk is a real backup (with encryption, compression and deduplication). It is not a simple file copy.

First backup to disk

Here are the steps to make a first backup to disk:

If you don't manage your storage servers, you only have to post the disk containing your encrypted data. Otherwise, you can carry on with this procedure.

Manually Integrating Data

Once backup is complete, here's how to integrate data on your server(s):

When integration is complete, you can:

What to do to finish?

Nothing ! Everything is automatic.

At the end of the integration, the integration locks are removed automatically and the backup will automatically trigger at the next schedule.

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