CDP : Continuous Data Protection

The continuous data protection can be enabled and configured using a strategy.

Enabling CDP

Key Parameters Control
Configuration.Selection.ContinuousDataProtectionEnabled [set < set >:] < bool > Enables Continuous Data Protection

Possible values :

Triggering rules

Those keys allow to define when, after a file modification, the continuous data protection will begin to process it, and also what is its maximum size.

Key Parameter Control
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionDelayBeforeSave < delay > Delay since its modification after which a file is processed
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionMaximumSaveSize < size > Maximum file size to deal with continuous backup

The parameters have the following roles and values :

Cache management

During a network disconnection, continuous backup is performed on a configurable local cache.

Key Parameter Control
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionLocalCacheDirectory < path > Path to the directory to use to store the cache
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionLocalCacheSize < size > Maximum size for the local cache

The parameters have the following roles and values :


You want to enable continuous backup on your mobile workstations. It must be triggered after 60 seconds and does not handle files over 50 MB. In case of disconnection, it must use a cache, limited to 1 GB

What is to be done :

Resulting strategy :

Configuration.Selection.ContinuousDataProtectionEnabled : set "Documents": true
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionDelayBeforeSave : 60
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionMaximumSaveSize : 50 Mb
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionLocalCacheDirectory : "C:\Backup Cache\"
Configuration.ContinuousDataProtectionMaximumSaveSize : 1 Gb
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