Strategies can be used to create quotas according to two axis :

  • Allocated storage space
  • Maximum amount of descending accounts

    Storage quota

    Storage quota allocated by strategy is an indicative quota that will be displayed in the backup reports and the supervision.

    Key Parameters Control
    Quota.AllowedSpace <value> [b|Mb|Gb|Tb] Allocated storage space

    The value is numeric and is followed by the used unit :

    Descending accounts quota

    This quota defines the maximum amount descending accounts for the target backup account.

    Key Parameters Control
    Quota.AllowedSubAccounts <value> [b|Mb|Gb|Tb] Maximum decending accounts

    The value is a numeric value.


    The target accounts must not be able to create more than 3 descending accounts. They have an allocated storage space of 500 Gb.

    Resulting strategy :

    Quota.AllowedSubAccounts: 3
    Quota.AllowedSpace: 500 Gb
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