Interface access

Depending on user profiles, you may need to allow them or deny them access to certain parts of the backup interface .

Key strategies below allow you to control access to some parts of the interface.

Key Control
AccessControl.CanAccessAdministration Administration tab
AccessControl.CanAccessBackup Backup tab
AccessControl.CanAccessConfiguration Configuration tab
AccessControl.CanAccessRestore Restore tab
AccessControl.CanAccessSupervision Supervision tab
AccessControl.CanAccessUI Whole user interface
Configuration.HideContact Shows or hide contact information in web interface and report emails

Possible values for this keys are :


You don't your users to access to the application configuration, the backup settigns or the administration.

However, they must be allowed to follow their backup activity or to restore their data by themwelves.

Resulting strategy :

AccessControl.CanAccessSupervision : true
AccessControl.CanAccessRestore : true
AccessControl.CanAccessConfiguration : false
AccessControl.CanAccessBackup : false
AccessControl.CanAccessAdministration : false

Note : the two first lines are optional because they only force some defaut values.

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