E-mail reports

The backup software can send e-mail reports. The below strategy keys allow to chose which ones to send and to adjust their behaviour.

Reports types

Strategy keys allowing to choose which e-mail report(s) to activate.

Key Control
Configuration.EmailTransferReports Backup report, at the end of each backup task.
Configuration.EmailAdministrationReports Administrator report, sent at 8 AM daily

Possible values for those keys are :

For more information on the different types of reports, please visit the configuration section in this online documentation.

Reports recipients

Allows to establish the list of recipients for the reports.

Key Parameter Control
Configuration.EmailTo \<e-mail address> Recipient of the e-mail report

The value is an e-mail address.

To include several recipients, insert the strategy key as many times as your number of recipients.

Reports language

Allows to choose which language is to be used when the e-mail reports are sent.

Key Parameter Control
Configuration.EmailLanguage \<language code> Reports language

The possible values for this key are :

As a default behavior, the reports are sent using the system's language.

Backup report options

You can choose to send the backup report only in case of an error or systematically. An Excel file detailing the complete backup activity can also be attached to the report.

Key Parameter Control
Configuration.EmailOnlyOnError Report is sent only on an error
Configuration.JoinBackupDetailsReport Attach the Excel file to the report
Configuration.HideContact \<bool> Shows or hide contact information in web interface and report emails
Configuration.HideQuota \<bool> Shows or hide quota information in report emails

The possible values for this key are :


Two administrators are supervising 150 backup accounts, their common language is English, and their root account is installed on a machine using the french language. They wish to receive a daily administrator report and detailed backup reports only in the event of an error.

Here is what needs to be done :

Resulting strategy :

Configuration.EmailAdministrationReports : true
Configuration.EmailTransferReports : true
Configuration.EmailTo : admin1@entreprise.com
Configuration.EmailTo : admin2@entreprise.com
Configuration.EmailLanguage : en-us
Configuration.EmailOnlyOnError : true
Configuration.JoinBackupDetailsReport : true
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