Authentication and Storage

Key Parameters Control
Configuration.Servers < server > < priority > Set the default servers. Multiple servers can be injected, one per line or comma separated

Multiple servers can be injected: one per line or comma separated.

The possible values for this key are:


Key Parameters Control
Configuration.UpdateServer http://[:] or file:// Set the update server.

The possible values for this key are:

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Your company is spread over three sites: A, B and C.

Sites A and B have a local Appliance (appliance-a.entreprise.local and synchronized with an external server (

The machines of site A and B must save on their Appliances and those of site C directly outside.

Resulting Strategies:

Site A :

Configuration.Servers : appliance-a.entreprise.local 80
Configuration.Servers : 40

Site B :

Configuration.Servers : appliance-b.entreprise.local 80
Configuration.Servers : 40

Site C :

Configuration.Servers : 80
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