SRC : Smart Restore Check

The Smart Restore Check technology (SRC), ensuring quality control of your backups, can be enabled and configured by strategy.

SRC activation

Key Parameters Control
Configuration.Selection.SmartRestoreCheckEnable [set < set >:] < bool > Enables the Smart Restore Check

Possible values are :


Those keys allow to change the Smart Restore Check Behaviour.

Key Parameters Control
Configuration.SmartRestoreCheckLatestOnly < bool > Forces the SRC to only control the latest version of the data
Configuration.SmartRestoreCheckFindValidNeighborVersions < bool > Allows, in case of a SRC error, to analyse the impact on the neighbor versions

Possible values are :


you wish to use the Smart Restore Check only on the latest version of your data.

What to do :

Resulting strategy :

Configuration.Selection.SmartRestoreCheckEnable : true
Configuration.SmartRestoreCheckLatestOnly : true
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