Library settings

Checking or modifying the settings of a Seafile library has to be done from the web portal.

Portal access

To access to the library settings, you can follow two ways :

Client software

From the client software interface, right click on the library.

A local menu will appear. Select "View on cloud".

View on cloud

Web Portal

Log into the web portal with your user credentials.

Once connected, click on the name of the library you wish to change the settings.


Down to the settings

When the library content is displayed from the web portal, click on the "settings" link located above the details.

Library content


The left side of the settings allows you to access various different sections :

Basic information

This section allows you to change your library information like its name or description. You can also change its history settings.

Paramètres de base

For its history, you have three choices :

This setting is rather critical in terms of data security. Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't precisely know what you are doing.

Transfer ownership

You can transfer the ownership of one of your libraries to another user.

User change

Simply type the user e-mail address and submit it to proceed to the transfer.

Shared links

In a Seafile library, Dans une bibliothèque Seafile, if it is not encrypted, you can create public shared links (with read or write permissions) very easily.

This section will allow you to monitor and manage all the public links created within a library.

Liens externes

The upload links are the drop boxes you created. Every user with this link will be able to post data in it.

The download links are a read only access to the selected data. It is the perfect tool for distributing documents to users.

Here, you can :

Sharing permission

Here, you can choose to share your library with another user or a group.


To do so, follow those steps :

Folder permission

This section enables you to share your library folder by folder, choosing rights, with a specific user or a group.


You need to :

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