Selection sets


A selection set is a set of data selected for a backup job.

The use of different selection sets makes possible to save data at different frequencies or with different options.


The upper part of the backup tab allows you to:

  1. choose the selection set to work on with the drop-down list
  2. edit the properties of the current selection set with the gear
  3. delete the current selection set with the cross

Selection set


To access the properties of the current selection set, click on the gear to open the inspector.

The inspector allows you to work on four options :

  1. General
  2. Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  3. Smart Restore Check (SRC)
  4. Scripts

Selection set properties


This part allows you to modify the name of the selection set and the color that represents it.

This information is used in:

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

To enable the continuous data protection, you only need to tick the associated check box.

It is also possible to customize the time limit period after which the modified data will be backed up. The default value is 60 seconds.

To make sure Continuous Data Protection stays as seamless as possible, you can exclude big files. Tick the corresponding check box and fill in the maximum file size you want to allow (expressed in mega bytes).

Caution ! The continuous data protection cannot perform any backup on an opened file. When using the continuous data protection, you must keep using scheduled backups on the selection set to make sure opened files are properly backed up.

Smart Restore Check (SRC)

Three check boxes are available to set the Smart Restore Check options :


Arx One Backup allows you to trigger script execution on three events:

You can specify a different script for each event. To do this you must specify the full path in the provided field.

When you run a script, the backup software waits for execution before starting its work.

If your script returns an error code (return value different than 0), the backup software will rise an error in the backup reports. If you do not master the script's return values, you can check the box to ignore their return value.

Caution ! Scripts, like the backup services, are performed by the system account. If it requires the use of non-accessible resources by the system (display, network shares...) this can block the script's execution and penalize the backup start.

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